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This comes in about a week late, but I’ve been busy playing Super Mario Maker and turning down the sexual advances of swimsuit models. When I was conceptualizing this website, my initial thoughts were to avoid writing entire entries about specific humans. After running the numbers, we’re on post number two, and Martin Shkreli is such a big asshole that he made me change my mind.

Martin Shkreli is a sleazy piece of shit grease. He’s the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. He recently bought a drug company that produces a drug called Daraprim. Daraprim, or Pyrimethamine, is used to treat protozoal infections. I’m not pretending to be a biochemist, so I’m relying on Wikipedia here. It’s an important drug, treating Toxoplasma gondii infections, something something HIV. My level of understanding is on par with that of Martin Shkreli. The only difference is I don’t intentionally fuck people who have HIV or other diseases.

You see, the price of Daraprim magically increased by a factor of 50. A single tablet that was once $13.50 is now $750, literally overnight. There’s no change to the drug or any justifiable reason for a price-gouge. Martin Shkreli just opted to artificially make this medicine out of reach for those who need it.

For Science, Right?

I dove into this scrote-wipe’s Linked In. He lists Retrophin, Inc has the last company he worked for. He co-found Retrophin, but less than four years in he was fired for… well, I’ll get to that. So this asshat must be some kind of bio-chemist, right? Let’s see what his connections say his skills are:


It seems like Martin has a vested interest in providing the world with life-saving medication.

Of course, that’s not all. Thankfully, when you are a shitty public assclown, you get scrutinized. A lot of interesting things were discovered about our collar-popping POS’ster. It turns out he’s a creepy mofo. Remember Retrophin, the company he co-founded? One of his colleagues apparently done him wrong, so Shkreli decided to be the bigger man and Facebook-harass his colleagues’ family.

Enough about this jerkoff douche-nozzle. This kind of price-gouging is actually common in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, the antibiotic Doxycycline increased in price from $20 to $1,849 per bottle in less than 6 months back in 2014. Isuprel and Nitropress, two heart drugs, were acquired by a pharmaceutical company who cranked up their prices.

My Personal Experience

I’ve been fortunate enough in life to not need expensive drugs. However, like many Americans, I was affected by the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare). Well, the issue wasn’t with Obamacare, but the health insurance companies. The Affordable Care Act was designed to make health insurance more accessible to Americans, meaning more Americans were going to get health insurance. Okay, maybe not everybody wants to be forced to get health insurance, but the stipend I received towards health insurance was pretty attractive. In fact, it was nearly twice as much as I had ever paid for health insurance in the past. Unfortunately, that stipend wasn’t going to cover even the cheapest option available, which was now four times more expensive than what I used to pay just two years earlier.

What happened? It’s the same sort of chode-math that dickhead Martin Shkreli flicks his under-developed bean over. If more people need a product or service, the price of that product or service gets dramatically increased. Thanks for making the world a better place, assholes.

Martin Shkreli, you are one of the worst humans.

UPDATE: All this public shaming has made Martin Shkreli’s popped collar flaccid. He turned the tables around saying that he’s decided it was a better idea not to increase the cost of the drug by so much. The Internet may have won this round, but there are still plenty of humans out there who are the worst, and by no means has Shkreli slipped from his title as Douchebag of the Week.