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Humans man, humans are the worst.

For thousands of years (or as some humans would argue, a few hundred years, or however far back the individual in question can personally remember), a species of upright bipedal ape-descendants have been forging civilization on the 3rd planet from the star, Sol, on the Orion-Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way.

Terms like “forge” and “civilization” are pretty strong words here, but with no clear template to go by, the humans of Earth have been given the benefit of the doubt. However, with the grading curve so tilted, the monkey-people have become complacent with sub-mediocrity.

Suffering from delusions of adequacy and philosophunculistic misguidance, our species is a mere unlabeled choking hazard away from extinction, or at the very least, being the most fucking annoying form of life to ever be documented.

I’m Bowerick, and I am going to show you how humans are the worst.